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Trevelin, Chubutt

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Patagonia- home of the Paramela plant. In fact this is the only place this unique plant can survive in the wild. Its all down to the extreme weather its subjected to which produces the best oil. The bush grows wildly on the transition area between the steppe and the Andean foothills forest. Paramela also called Adesmia Boroniodes, is part of the Fabaceae family, basically the pea family. This fantastic plant is a small bush with lovely yellow flowers that grows up to 2 metres high, it is the flowers that are steam distilled to produce the oil !

so what's the oil used for you say ? well the oil has been in the cosmetic industry for several years now for its benefits with rosacea, a redness of the skin caused by inflammation and visible blood vessels.

so that's all well and good, but what else you say ? its also effective with flu and respiratory problems. so why isn't the essential oil available yet ? well it is but not in the UK, no idea why but its not .

not to worry tho, my brother ....the north welsh man the other side of the world is out in Patagonia and is starting to grow the plant !

to be continued ......

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